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Coin Counters

Coin counters vary greatly in terms of their size, capacities and even appearance. Some coin counters are very big in size and some are rather small. Some look very elegant, whereas others have that ‘mechanical look.’ Most of them are capable of not only counting coins, but also sorting them. That is important, if people seeking to count coins were forced to first sort them manually. Some coin counters are even capable of packaging the sorted and counted coins. Some coin counter brands we specialize in are Cassida, Accubanker, Billcon, Magner, Klopp, Semacon and Amrotec. Cassida’s coin counters are the Cassida C100 Coin Counter and the Cassida C200 Coin Counter. Billcon makes one of the best coin counters in the world called the Billcon CHS-10 Coin Counter. The CHS-10 lacks in appearance, it compensates with speed. Magner’s coin counters are the Magner 935 Coin Counter and the Magner 915 Coin Counter. Some of Klopp’s coin counters are the Klopp CE Electric Coin Counter and the Klopp KK Electric and Manual Coin Counter. Their simplicity in terms of physical appearance lays a lot of coin counting and sorting power. Semacon is one of the leading coin counters and they offer the Semacon S-530 Coin Counter.