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Coin Sorters

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Coin sorters are machines designed to automate the process of sorting coins according to their denominations. Most coin sorters have a coin counting capability which means they count the coins, and then sort them accordingly. With regard to the counting aspect, most of them are capable of giving grand totals, and some of them go further giving subtotals (for the different denominations counted and sorted). Some of the products in this category include, Cassida Coin Sorters, Magner Coin Sorters, Billcon Coin Sorters, Accubanker Mixed Coin Sorter, Amrotec Coin Sorter and Semacon Coin Sorters.

The Cassida coin sorters are sold under the brand names Cassida C200 Coin Counter and Cassida C100 Coin Counter. Both are not only capable of sorting coins, but also counting them giving the user a grand total upon completion. They are also capable of ‘batching’ the coins, packing the coins, and rolling them.

The Magner coin sorters come in two series: the 100s series and the 900s series. In the 100s series we have the Magner 100 Coin Counter and Magner 110 Coin Counter. In the 900s series, we have Magner 915 Coin Counter and Magner 935 Coin Counter. All these machines may be labeled as coin counters, but they are also capable of separating, sorting and actually packaging the coins.

The Amrotec Coin Sorter’s official name is Amrotec YB-100 Portable Coin Counter, but besides counting, it can also help with sorting. Actually many people who buy it do so with the intention of benefiting from its sorting functionality. It can also help in packing and bagging the (counted and sorted) coins.

Semacon’s coin sorters are marketed under the brand names Semacon S-140 Heavy Duty Coin Counter, Semacon S-35 Coin Counter, Semacon S-530 Coin Sorter and Semacon S-120 Coin Counter and Sorter among others. All these machines have superb coin sorting and counting capabilities.