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5% Off Your Entire Order - Code: NEW5
5% Off Your Entire Order - Code: NEW5

Fraud Fighter HH-4 Counterfeit Bill and Card Detector


UV Driver License Reference Guide

What types of documents can the HH4 Authenticate?

The HH4 allows the user to authenticate the presence of invisible UV security features on many important documents, including: currency (US & foreign), credit cards, traveler checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, driver licenses, passports, social security cards, matricula consular, and numerous other items, such as vehicle title documents, birth certificates, casino chips and more.

What environments can the HH4 be used in?

Although we have done everything possible to maximize UV intensity of the HH4, FraudFighter recommends the HH4 to be used in dark or dimly-lit environments, such as bars or nightclubs or other environments where there is not a great deal of “ambient” light.  It is ideal for checking ID documents at a bar or other restricted-age event, and can also be used by vendors accepting cash or credit card payments at such events.

-Battery Operated 4 AA 1.5v Alkaline Batteries

What comes with the HH4 when I buy it?

You will receive training materials with full-color images to show you what to look for on different types of documents.

The specially designed UV tubes operate at lower current than typical A/C powered light fixtures produce.

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