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5% Off Your Entire Order - Code: NEW5
5% Off Your Entire Order - Code: NEW5

Ribao CS-50 Coin Counter and Sorter

1 Year Warranty Included!

The Ribao CS-50 is a heavy duty coin counter with Automatic Feeding hopper. This counter will count and sort one denomination at a time by eliminating the smaller coins first. Besides the continues counting mode, CS-50 is equipped with batching, accumulating mode to make your counting programmable. The machine comes with tube sets for quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies, the coins can drop inside the appropriate crimped coin wrap while it is counting. This machine can be used for tokens and foreign coins by selecting your own thickness and diameter according to your token and coins. It counts 2300 coins per minute and has a hopper capacity of 30,000 coins!