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5% Off Your Entire Order - Code: NEW5
5% Off Your Entire Order - Code: NEW5

Ribao BC-35 Money Counter

BC-35 is our latest banknote counter developed based on the structure of BC-55. It is a heavy duty piece and amount counting machine with LCD screen. Its fast. smooth, quiet and user-friendly operation fits for bank customers and retail market.

Reliable feeding mechanism
It apply most classical feeding mechanism, well adapted for different quality banknotes, ensure smooth counting and least stop rate for bad quality notes

Preset and Selectable Batch Modes
It has preset value for choice, after counting you can get both quantity and amount

Reliable counterfeit detection
apply two groups UV and 3 channels MG for counterfeit detection, most currency counting machine in the market only use one group UV and MG

Easy for maintenance
Passage can be opened from backside, easy to clean the sensor and remove jammed notes

3.5 inch Segment LCD display
It has large segment LCD screen to display quantity, amount, error code at the same time

Adaptor power supply
Easy to replace and reduce the machine weight

  • Counting Speed 900,1200,1500pcs/min
  • Hopper Capacity 500 pieces(Maximum 600pcs)
  • Stacker Capacity 200 pieces
  • Countable Note Diameter 120x50~175x90mm
  • Countable Note Thickness 0.05~0.2mm
  • Display 3.5 inch segment LCD display
  • Counting Modes Preset value count mode
  • Continuous Counting Mode
  • Batch Counting Mode
  • Accumulation Counting Mode
  • Automatic, or Manual Start Mode
  • Detection Modes Double, Chain, Half note, Jam detetection
  • UV Counterfeit Detection (2 groups)
  • MG Counterfeit Detection (3 channels)
  • Power Consumption 50 Watts
  • Power Requirements 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Packing Details
  • Machine Dimensions(WxDxH) 287(H)x240(W)x232(D)mm
  • Net Weight 5.2KG
  • Transportation Packing 2units/carton
  • Transport Carton Dimension 380(H)x650(W)x350(D)mm
  • Gross Weight/carton 12.6KG