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Carnation CR1500 Dual Pocket Mixed Money Counter

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SKU CR1500

-The CR1500 Mixed Money Counter and sorter allows operator to count bills easily and
effectively. A reject pocket ensures uninterrupted counting of banknotes - all suspected and
counterfeit bills are automatically sorted into the reject pocket.

-Printer connectivity allows to print out counting results as well as serial numbers, if needed. Can
be connected to a wide range of printers, including Epson EPSON TM-T88 and an inexpensive
SPRT printer.

-The CR1500 Currency Counter and sorter can capture the serial number of each banknote

counted. This information can be stored and/or printed out. Detects magnetic ink, infrared ink,
UV, CIS image, length, thickness of banknotes.

-Compact size, user-friendly interface with large and clear LCD display. Up to 4 different

currencies (depending on country software), banknotes can be processed in all four orientations.
High-capacity hopper, stacker and reject pocket. ADD function, batch function, reporting and
printing functions are available. Intuitive user menu and maintenance menu interface for flexible

-Auto-adjustable technology, easy software upgrades via SD card or USB port. Configurable

USB interface, printer interface, external display interface. Full open channel design for better
maintenance and jam removal.

-Sorting non-stop counting with reject pocket.
-Multiple currency capability.
-Serial number recognition.
-Multiple counterfeit detection functions - MG, IR, MT, UV, & CIS image recognition.
-Six counting modes - Mix, Sort, Face, Orientation, Image, & Piece Counting.
-Easy maintenance and jam removal.
-Compact size with user-friendly ergonomic design.
-Easy software upgrades via PC, SD card, or LAN.
-Computer and printer connectivity.
Free One-Year Warranty covers all parts and labor. Additional 1 or 2 year warranty extensions
available separately.

Net Weight: 18.7 lb
Model Size :  9.9”Lx10.7”Wx10.4”H 251mmL×271mmW×264mmH
Counting Speed: 800/1000/1200 Bills per Minute
Hopper Capacity: 500 Bills
Stacker Capacity: 200 Bills
Interface: RS232, RJ-11, USB, SD Card

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