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Free Shipping On All Orders

Cassida 7750R Mixed Denomination Money Counter

  • Reads Bills by Denomination: Ideal for counting a mixed stack of bills and providing the total monetary value as well as the number of bills counted.
  • Saves Time: Counts up to 1,000 mixed bills per minute while automatically identifying denominations and tracking both the count and value of bills run through.
  • On-Screen Reporting: Adjustable LCD display with a convenient user friendly interface and an on-screen detailed report showing the breakdown of count by denomination.
  • Advanced Counterfeit Detection: Protects your business from counterfeits using industry-leading UV, MG, IR and image recognition counterfeit detector technology.
  • Can be paired with the Universal Cash handling Thermal Printer to print a detailed receipt of the money counted. (sold separately)​​

The 7750R is a mixed denomination money counter and value reader, and the best solution you need when dealing with a lot of bills and very little time. Designed with a hopper and stacker capacity of 200 bills (uncirculated), this versatile machine will count multiple denominations with reliable accuracy and steady speed of up to 1,000 bills per minute.

Equipped with 3 operational modes (Mix, Sort, and Count) and additional features (ADD, Batch, and ADD+Batch) to help streamline any cash handling operation the 7750R maintains accuracy and efficiency without sacrificing security.

The 7750R best shows its powerful capabilities when using 'Mix Mode' and the 'ADD Feature' together to tally up your cash, providing the total monetary value, and also providing a detailed report broken down by denomination. Pairing the 7750R with the Cassida Universal Printer (sold separately) will also help easily keep detailed reports of counting sessions for your personal records or when making bank deposits.

Utilizing advanced counterfeit detection (ultraviolet 'UV', magnetic 'MG', infrared 'IR', and contact image sensors 'CIS'), the 7750R is fast, accurate, and easy to operate saving you time and money, while staying reliable and secure.