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5% Off Your Entire Order - Code: NEW5
5% Off Your Entire Order - Code: NEW5

Cassida InstaCheck Counterfeit Bill Detector


User Manual

Product Sheet

Easy and instant currency authentication. The Cassida InstaCheck immediately indicates whether the money you have taken is legitimate currency. A green light signals good currency and a red light and multiple beeps tell you the bill is suspect. InstaCheck offers the latest infrared and magnetic ink counterfeit detectors, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your cash handling. The InstaCheck utilizes state-of-the-art infrared (IR) and magnetic (MG) sensors for advanced currency detection. The InstaCheck is sized specifically to take U.S. dollars, so feeding bills is easy and assures fewer dimension errors than other similar detectors. Developed for retailers and cash handlers who need immediate currency verifications, the InstaCheck is a reliable way to authenticate currency in under a second. If you have been searching for the easiest way for your team to know immediately whether the U.S. bill they took is authentic, the Cassida InstaCheck gives them instant, easy-to-understand feedback about the legitimacy of the currency.

Technical specifications

Verification types: Infrared security marks and Magnetic ink
Verification speed: Less than 1 second/bill
Display type: LED with graphic overlay
Weight: .85 lbs (.38kg)
Dimensions: 5.1 by 4.2 by 2.75 (129mm by 106mm by 70mm)
Power supply: AC/DC adapter, 12 vdc output - Input voltage 100-240 VAC
Power consumption: 10 watts