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Free Shipping On All Orders

Ribao BC-40 Single Pocket Mixed Money Counter


BC-40 is our new developed, most cost-effective solution for value counting and detection. It is a perfect solution for retail customer and bank front desk.

It is portable and takes up less space for cashiers.

Accurate Counting
Excellent performance counting both brand new and worn out notes.

TFT Screen
A 3.5 inch TFT touch screen allows for greater visibility.

Multi–currency Capability
Support 4 currencies USD+EURO+GBP+LOCAL

Reliable Counterfeit Detection
Single CIS provide R\B\G\IR images for detection. It can detect the notes by UV, MG, MT, IR, CIS

User Friendly Interface
Very easily understandable menu and interface makes the operation more smooth, customized interface offers more options according to preference.

Software Updates
The software can be updated through a USB memory stick, PC interface or online.

Jam Removal and Sensor Cleaning
It is easy to open the passage from the rear side to clear jammed notes and clean the sensors.


  • Hopper Capacity 600pcs
  • Stacker Capacity 200pcs
  • Currency Support Capacity 4 currencies
  • Display Color TFT-LCD (3.5 inch),Touch Screen
  • Suitable Note Size Length: 100mm~175mm
  • Width: 50mm~90mm
  • Suitable Note Thickness 0.05mm~0.12mm
  • Speed (pcs / min) 800,1000,1200 (SDC & MIX mode)
  • 1500(CNT mode)
  • Counting modes Piece counting (CNT)
  • Value counting(SDC, MIX)
  • Auto recognition
  • Multi-currency mix counting
  • Batch (5-200)
  • Accumulation
  • Connectivity USB for data collection and software upgrade
  • RS232 for PC communication
  • RJ 12 for external display
  • Counterfeit Detection Ultraviolet detection(UV)
  • Magnetism detection(MG)
  • Metal thread detection(MT)
  • Infrared image detection(IR)
  • CIS image detection(one side)
  • Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz ±10%
  • AC 110V 60Hz ±10%
  • Packing Details
  • Machine Dimensions(WxDxH) 287(H)x240(W)x232(D)mm
  • Net Weight 5.9kg
  • Transportation Packing 2units/carton
  • Transport Carton Dimension 380(H)x650(W)x350(D)mm
  • Gross Weight/carton 16kg