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Free Shipping On All Orders

Ribao CS-600B Coin Counter and Sorter


The CS-600B is a heavy duty coin sorting and counting machine. It can count and sort up to 600coins/min, calculating both Qty and Amount at the same time. Compared with old model CS-600A, CS-600B has accurate batch function.

Simple to Use
The machine is very easy to operate even with little or no training.

Accurate Counting and Sorting
The machine accurately counts and sorts coins into separate drawers.

High resolution CCD image sensor
Able to separate different denomination coins with 0.2mm diameter difference(without wearing)

Digital LED Screen
The easy to read LED screen displays the grand total in addition to each individual drawer’s results.

Easy Maintenance
The tilt sorting rail makes it easy to preform cleaning and maintenance.

Heavy duty steel construction
The steel construction makes the machine heavy duty and durable.

Low noise
Working less than 75DB


  • Sorting speed approx. 600coins/ min.
  • Hopper capacity approx.600pcs.
  • Coin denomination diameter 14-33mm
  • Coin thickness 1.0-4.0mm
  • Power Consumption 30W
  • Power Supply AC 120V ± 10%, 60Hz
  • or AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
  • Connectivity 1xRS232 for software upgrading/PC connection/printer, 1xRS232 for external display
  • Display 8 Digits (LED Display)
  • Packing Details
  • Dimensions(WxDxH) 510×280×320mm
  • Net Weight 16kg
  • Transportation Packing 1unit/carton
  • Carton Dimension 620x395x470mm
  • Gross Weight/carton 20kg