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Free Shipping On All Orders

Ribao HCS-3300 Coin Counter

SKU HCS-3300

HCS-3300 is a heavy-duty and high speed coin counting machine, suitable for worldwide round coins and tokens. It is widely used in banks, supermarkets, post office, casinos, etc...

Standard extended hopper
The standard extended hopper increase the hopper capacity to be 18000 coins

User friendly key panel
The user friendly design of key panel is easy for customer operation in batch, accumulation counting mode.

Easy maintenance
The thickness adjusting assembly can be opened completely to remove any jammed coins;
The counting passage and hopper can be opened completely

Durable, heavy-duty design
Every part of HCS-3300 is designed for heavy-duty use and easy operation

Memory backup function
With this optional function, the user do not need to worry about repeat counting in case of electricity off

Various options
This machine can be connected with external display, PC and adapted with our coin tube set or cotton bags

Counting result storage function
The user can store counting results for 6 different denominations into the corresponding 6 storage channels, then read and display.


  • Counting Speed 2300 Coins/Min. (for coins with a diameter of 15mm and thickness of 1mm)
  • Hopper Capacity 12000 coins (for coins diameter of 15 mm and thickness of 1 mm.)
  • Countable Coin Size Thickness:0.8 to 3.8mm
  • Diameter :14 to 34 mm (Adjust coin qty. adjusting gate to minimum for diameter <24mm; to middle for diameter 24~25mm; to maximum for diameter >25mm)
  • Max. Counting Display 9999999(Counting Display)
  • 9999(Batch Display)
  • Counting Mode Continuous Counting Mode
  • Batch Counting Mode: 1-9999
  • Accumulation Counting Mode
  • Power Consumption 85 W (During operation)
  • Power Requirements AC 120V ± 10%, 60Hz or AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz
  • Environment For Storage -30º C — +80º C
  • Environment For Use 0º C — +40º C
  • Packing Details
  • Machine Dimension(LxWxH) 334x270x387mm
  • Net Weight 11.4kg
  • Transportation Packing 2 unit/carton
  • Carton Dimension 690x560x320mm
  • Gross Weight/carton 28kg/ctn